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Franchise with Me: Wild Things w/ Michael Palladino

Never in a million years would you think the instantly forgettable 1998 borderline-softcore-porn-twisty-whodunit-thriller Wild Things would spawn three sequels, but holy shit, this movie somehow has. It makes more sense once you find out that each sequel is a straight-to-DVD-or-anything-goes-cable basic, carbon copy of the original, with familiar character archetypes gently swapped throughout the story.Continue reading “Franchise with Me: Wild Things w/ Michael Palladino”

2022 TV & Movie Reviews: Nope / RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars / The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Lotsa good shit this week. Nope With Nope, his third feature, writer/director/actor/comedian Jordan Peele really cements himself as one of the only mainstream, quality auteurs we have in the movies today. His debut film, Get Out, was a brilliant horror movie about white liberals that managed to be funny, insightful, and terrifying, all at theContinue reading “2022 TV & Movie Reviews: Nope / RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars / The Bob’s Burgers Movie”

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