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Franchise with Me: THE KISSING BOOTH Trilogy w/ Ben V

For this Franchise with Me, I really wanted to do something completely out of my wheelhouse, something I would have never even heard of much less sit down and watch otherwise. The criteria? It had to be short and meaningless. Meaningless because after my previous Franchise with Me articles on the Rocky and Jaws series,Continue reading “Franchise with Me: THE KISSING BOOTH Trilogy w/ Ben V”

2021 Movie Reviews: Annette and Candyman

A thinker and a stinker. Annette Somewhere, deep in the bowels of a culturally rich American city, a grad student is violently masturbating and/or crying while streaming Annette for the fourteenth time. “It must add up to nothing because it’s about what the world we live in and that adds up to…NOTHING!” exclaims D’Artagnan, havingContinue reading “2021 Movie Reviews: Annette and Candyman”

2021 Movie Reviews: The Green Knight / Jungle Cruise / Old

Three shitty movies you have to leave your home for. The Green Knight The amazing and gorgeous visuals of David Lowery‘s The Green Knight are completely wasted on a supremely undercooked and emotionally vacant adaptation of the 14th century poem (took them long enough to adapt, huh?), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The problemContinue reading “2021 Movie Reviews: The Green Knight / Jungle Cruise / Old”


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