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2021 Movie Reviews: Antebellum/The Kid Detective/Minari/Music/Nomadland

Sorry I missed last week, but here are five for you. Antebellum Extremely problematic and incompetent Get Out rip-off that proves really grueling to watch. The characters are underwritten, the plot is extremely confusing and it’s so on-the-nose with everything it makes me long for the smooth subtlety of Step Up 3D. If you’re goingContinue reading “2021 Movie Reviews: Antebellum/The Kid Detective/Minari/Music/Nomadland”

2021 Reviews: Freaky/Judas and the Black Messiah/Saint Maud

Back for another round of reviews. Freaky Filmmaker Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U) returns for another teen horror riff on a classic movie formula, this time setting his sights on Freaky Friday. Kathryn Newton is a high school senior who magically switches bodies with a forty-something deranged serial killer (Vince VaughnContinue reading “2021 Reviews: Freaky/Judas and the Black Messiah/Saint Maud”

2021 Movie Reviews: Earwig and the Witch/The Little Things/Malcolm and Marie

It’s 2021 and I’m finally reviewing movies from 2021! Strangely enough, these films are all eligible for this March’s Oscars though I wouldn’t give any of them an Oscar nomination. WHOOPS! SPOILER ALERT – I hated all three of these movies. Earwig and the Witch It’s been six years since Studio Ghibli released its lastContinue reading “2021 Movie Reviews: Earwig and the Witch/The Little Things/Malcolm and Marie”

Top 10 Films of 2020

What a bizarre year for movies. Everything major got either postponed until 2021 or the last two months of the year, making it impossible to see everything. This is my first Top 10 list that feels incomplete, because there are at least four major Oscar contenders I had no way of seeing. Supposed juggernauts likeContinue reading “Top 10 Films of 2020”

Top 10 TV of 2020

2020 was kind of a strange year for TV because it’s been a strange fucking miserable year for everything. I didn’t get a chance to watch everything for various reasons – I just can’t get into Schitt’s Creek as much as I love Catherine O’Hara, I can’t get into The Crown now that Lithgow isContinue reading “Top 10 TV of 2020”

2020 Movie Reviews: The Assistant/Never Rarely Sometimes Always/Soul

Yes, I know it’s 2021, but these are all movies from 2020. Going forward these reviews are going to be a mixture of 2020 stragglers and new 2021 releases, at least until the first quarter of the year is up. Once a 2021 movie enters the stratosphere of these reviews, the title will change toContinue reading “2020 Movie Reviews: The Assistant/Never Rarely Sometimes Always/Soul”

2020 Movie Reviews: Another Round/Bacurau/Wonder Woman 1984

With Covid-19 and everything, it’s easy to forget new movies are still being released and while the current stress of the situation has driven me to plunge into the home-y comforts of classic movies I’ve seen a jillion times, I took some time this past weekend to catch three 2020 releases. Another Round Essentially aContinue reading “2020 Movie Reviews: Another Round/Bacurau/Wonder Woman 1984”


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