2021 Golden Shrimp Award Nominations

WINNERS will be announced on Oscar Night, here is my salute to the best, worst and most ridiculous movies of the 2020 Oscar Season. Best First Film The Assistant – Kitty Green The Father – Florian Zeller The Kid Detective – Evan Morgan Shithouse – Cooper Raiff Sound of Metal – Darius Marder ——————————————————————————————————————– BestContinue reading “2021 Golden Shrimp Award Nominations”

2021 Reviews: Coming 2 America / Don’t Tell a Soul/I Care A Lot / Tom and Jerry

When Coming 2 America is the best out of four movies, you know you’re in trouble. Coming 2 America Incredibly mediocre but not nearly as awful as I’d feared, this is the sequel nobody asked for or expected to a self-contained 1988 comedy classic that concluded its story satisfactorily. Eddie Murphy essentially sleepwalks through theContinue reading “2021 Reviews: Coming 2 America / Don’t Tell a Soul/I Care A Lot / Tom and Jerry”

Franchise with Me: Leprechaun w/ Ben V.

One of the many horror franchises that didn’t even start out with a decent original film, the Leprechaun series is a cheaply made, creatively bankrupt, extremely problematic and often quite boring rip of the Child’s Play series. With the Chucky movies, you at least get a fleshed out villain that has a clear point ofContinue reading “Franchise with Me: Leprechaun w/ Ben V.”

Weekend Streaming Guide (3/5/21)

Here are some shits to watch. The American Barbecue Challenge (Netflix) I’m literally obsessed with reality cooking shows and for my money none were as fun, well-shot, innovative and surprisingly compelling than Netflix’s American Barbecue Challenge. Following the journey of eight incredibly affable and different American barbecue pit masters as they compete against each otherContinue reading “Weekend Streaming Guide (3/5/21)”

2021 Movie Reviews: Antebellum/The Kid Detective/Minari/Music/Nomadland

Sorry I missed last week, but here are five for you. Antebellum Extremely problematic and incompetent Get Out rip-off that proves really grueling to watch. The characters are underwritten, the plot is extremely confusing and it’s so on-the-nose with everything it makes me long for the smooth subtlety of Step Up 3D. If you’re goingContinue reading “2021 Movie Reviews: Antebellum/The Kid Detective/Minari/Music/Nomadland”

2021 Reviews: Freaky/Judas and the Black Messiah/Saint Maud

Back for another round of reviews. Freaky Filmmaker Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U) returns for another teen horror riff on a classic movie formula, this time setting his sights on Freaky Friday. Kathryn Newton is a high school senior who magically switches bodies with a forty-something deranged serial killer (Vince VaughnContinue reading “2021 Reviews: Freaky/Judas and the Black Messiah/Saint Maud”

2021 Movie Reviews: Earwig and the Witch/The Little Things/Malcolm and Marie

It’s 2021 and I’m finally reviewing movies from 2021! Strangely enough, these films are all eligible for this March’s Oscars though I wouldn’t give any of them an Oscar nomination. WHOOPS! SPOILER ALERT – I hated all three of these movies. Earwig and the Witch It’s been six years since Studio Ghibli released its lastContinue reading “2021 Movie Reviews: Earwig and the Witch/The Little Things/Malcolm and Marie”

Franchise with Me: Step Up w/ Audrey Farnsworth

Step Up is a real wild ride of a franchise that starts off with a simple, incompetent teen dance movie and transforms into this almost mock-action franchise. In the later installments, there’s so many elaborate dance sequences that are happening so fast and so in your face, you’d think you were watching The Raid. IfContinue reading “Franchise with Me: Step Up w/ Audrey Farnsworth”