I paid someone $11 to Watch and Review the new American Pie and then I also watched it

Two weeks ago, I began a goof on here asking if anybody would watch this sure to wretched eighth American Pie sequel and nobody responded. A week ago, I asked again and still nothing. Finally over Thanksgiving weekend I get a DM from an old acquaintance of mine from high school up to the challenge.Continue reading “I paid someone $11 to Watch and Review the new American Pie and then I also watched it”


There’s a lot of great stuff to stream and rent this lonely holiday weekend. Here’s just a few I’d recommend. The Boondocks (2005) Hilarious, provocative and poignant in equal measure, The Boondocks is Aaron McGruder‘s animated satire on the African American experience. Following two children, the politically woke Huey (Regina King) and the obnoxious RileyContinue reading “WHAT TO WATCH THIS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND”


It’s the weekend and Covid numbers are sky fucking high. Here’s some stuff you can watch this weekend to help you forget about our predicament. Memories of Murder (2003) Before Parasite, the go-to Bong Joon Ho masterpiece was Memories of Murder, a fascinating true crime drama about two inept cops chasing South Korea’s first serialContinue reading “WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND”


This weekend, 11-13 – 11-15, there’s some shit you should definitely watch. BOYZ IN THE HOOD (1991) If you’ve already seen this, it’s time for a re-watch. If you’ve never seen this, get on it quick. John Singleton‘s groundbreaking and sadly still relevant look at life in the hood and the systematic racism that perpetuatesContinue reading “WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND”