Franchise with Me: Home Alone w/ Ty and Ella Turdsby

Initially for December, I wanted to do a really shitty Holiday franchise. A franchise where no entry is redeemable and/or it really dumps on the idea of Christmas. Something like Silent Night, Deadly Night or a Die Hard 1 & 2 + Lethal Weapon 1 Special. The reason for this is that I mostly hateContinue reading “Franchise with Me: Home Alone w/ Ty and Ella Turdsby”

Franchise with Me: Tremors w/ Michael Kohn

They don’t make monster movies like they used to in the Golden Age of Hollywood, but back in 1990, S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock brought back that lost genre with the insanely fun and stupid romp, Tremors. It was a throwback to an earlier time when monster movies could exist solely as entertainment without havingContinue reading “Franchise with Me: Tremors w/ Michael Kohn”

Franchise with Me: HALLOWEEN w/ Michael Palladino

Welcome to my first recurring segment on, Franchise With Me, where me and a lucky buddy watch a movie franchise together, then assess its value based on overall quality, cultural significance and how entertaining it is. Joining me for this is Phoenix comedian, free-lance writer, avid 80s horror fan and the man who sleepsContinue reading “Franchise with Me: HALLOWEEN w/ Michael Palladino”