Franchise with Me: HALLOWEEN w/ Michael Palladino

Welcome to my first recurring segment on, Franchise With Me, where me and a lucky buddy watch a movie franchise together, then assess its value based on overall quality, cultural significance and how entertaining it is. Joining me for this is Phoenix comedian, free-lance writer, avid 80s horror fan and the man who sleepsContinue reading “Franchise with Me: HALLOWEEN w/ Michael Palladino”

Halloween Streaming Checklist

Movies on Netflix: The Addams Family As Above So Below The Blackcoat’s Daughter Creep Creep 2 The Evil Dead Gerald’s Game Green Room Poltergeist Session 9 Shutter The Silence of the Lambs Under the Shadow TV Shows on Netflix: Black Mirror Hannibal The Haunting of Hill House (NOT Bly Manor) Stranger Things The Twilight ZoneContinue reading “Halloween Streaming Checklist”